Agege Bread Shop – London East Street Market

On one Friday after work, Mrs Hen went to East Street Market to buy her supply of African foods for the weekend and the week ahead. She wanted to show me a store that sold “African fast food”, basically the food you would see in an African home.
This store Agege Bread, I think, has been around for a year or so. The popular takeaway foods I believe are the African foods. Although one could cook these at home, some would prefer to buy it already cooked and ready to eat… Most of the African families I know can cook, so I’m quite lucky. ^_^

Mrs Hen said I should try out the pies, so I did… the chicken pie is not like the ones you see in Gregs, it’s stuffed with ground chicken meat, there’s no creamy sauce inside, so it’s all meatly packed.

The one thing I saw most people buy was this sweet bread. It’s not very, very sweet, but sweet enough. Mrs Hen suggested this should be ate at breakfast time, toasted, and served with scrambled eggs and fried plantain which is what I did (see below ^_^). This bread is also made without eggs, and surprisingly doesn’t mold that easily! Wow!

I also bought this fish pie, which was quite dry… it also tasted fishy… ¬_¬” Didn’t eat it… sorry…

Well, if you want to try this place out it’s not far, and it’s only in East Street Market!

Address: 42 East St, London SE17 2DN
Phone: 020 7701 4672

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