Japanese Kit Kat from Japan Centre London

I have been dying to try out these strange flavoured Kit Kat’s for a while, a very long while! International Nestle did the right thing with these! I waited, and waited for a Japanese store in London to actually sell this stuff. And finally Japan Centre’s online store started taking orders on Wednesday 30th May. I stupidly went to the store in Regent Street, Piccadily thinking they will be on sale over there! How wrong was I?!!  Argh! Not funny!! ¬_¬ (pouting mouth right now!). But I made the most of it by buying a sushi set, fried sweet potato chips, curry bread and an apricot drink…

When I got home (slightly disappointed) I found out online that it was ONLY online orders!!!!! Totally not funny. I then ordered four packs (sets) of the four different flavours they are selling for a special price only during that day for £3.99. I’m saving one set for a friend and the rest are for me to indulge in!!

They finally arrived on Saturday 2nd June via Royal Mail (first class post). It’s unfortunate I had to pay extra for postage and packaging, otherwise I would’ve ordered more Kit Kat’s! But you could never know, after tasting these I just might get some more.

Japanese Kit Kat!
Close up of Japanese Kit Kat ^_^
4 different flavours are available from Japan Centre, UK 

They are miniature Kit Kat’s and not like the normal sized or mini sized version Kit Kat’s you would find in the UK, which is a little disappointing and a tad expensive. But this is understandable as the Japanese like things miniature and pricing is always expensive in Japan!

I tried all four of them. First up was the Shizuoka Wasabi Horseradish.

Shizuoka Wasabi Horseradish

When I opened the package, it had this sweet white chocolate smell. As soon as I put it in my mouth you could instantly taste the mixture of sweet white chocolate blended with wasabi. There was a wasabi aftertaste too.

Close up of the Wasabi flavour

Next up was the Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake! Wow a cheesecake flavour!

Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake

It sounded like a strange combination, but actually, the taste was perfect. You could instantly smell the strawberry flavour as soon as you opened the package. After a bit of chewing of the chocolate and the wafer you could taste the combination of the strawberry cheesecake, chocolate and wafer very well. I like this flavour!

Close up of Strawberry Cheesecake flavour

Kyoto Matcha Green Tea came next…

Kyoto Matcha Green Tea

There wasn’t much of a strong green tea smell when I opened the package, but it did smell of green tea when smelt close up. I’m not much of a green tea flavoured stuff fan (i.e. ice cream), but this was ok.

Close up of green tea flavour

Finally I tasted the Yokohama Almond Tofu!

Yokohama Almond Tofu

Woah, once I opened this package, you could smell a very strong sweet smell! I started munching on it, and this one is very, very sweet! Strong almond taste with a hint of soft tofu texture taste.

Close up of Almond Tofu

So which one would I buy the most of next time… The winner is… The Shizuoka Wasabi Horseradish (^_^)b

Geeky information:

Where to order: http://japancentre.com/
Individual prices: £1.09 £1.30
Boxed prices: £12.95 £14.95
Flavours available: Kyoto Matcha Green Tea, Shizuoka Wasabi Horseradish, Yokohama Almond Tofu, Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake, Jyo-Koushinetsu Blueberry Cheesecake
Read more: http://blog.japancentre.com/2012/05/30/kitkats-taste-testing-like-a-sir/#more-5018

Update 11/10/12

p.s. It seems Japan Centre have “sold out”! Not sure when they’ll have stock again~~~ Too bad…

Update 07/01/13
The Japanese Kit Kat are back!! Plus there’s a new flavour… Blueberry Cheesecake (replacing the Almond flavour)!!

Update 12/01/13… Check out my latest post:

2 thoughts on “Japanese Kit Kat from Japan Centre London

  1. Haha, it is RARE if you find a sale at Japan Centre and it's usually recipe food or alcohol. I would not try the Almond Tofu or Wasabi flavour but I've had green tea and I must buy some from Japan Centre next time I'm there ;___; really want the cheesecake flavor. Yum!By the way, I have my own blog which focuses on Asian culture and entertainment such as video games and I wonder if it is possible for you to view it and tell me what you think please: http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com


  2. 😀 Heheh. I've tried the Almond Tofu and Wasabi. Wasabi is actually the best I think. I've not seen them on sale in the shop, so you should really order them online. But the P&P is expensive!! Try another website!!Wow. You are really into Asian stuff, aren't you?! Your blog really looks cute. Did you want me to be a bit more critical???


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