Japan Centre – London Regent Street

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you would know I LOVE Japanese food because it’s so tasty (plus I get tired of eating Chinese food from time to time). So once in a blue moon I go to Japan Centre to buy authentic Japanese style food.

Outside Japan Centre (it’s the shop in the middle)

I have been a long fan of Japan Centre. I remembered when it used to be on Piccadilly Road before it moved to various places in London. The supermarket used to be on the lower ground floor (used to be quite small). The restaurant on the ground floor. The bookshop was on the top floor and I can’t remember if there was anything in between… I’m sure there was even a Japanese travel agents there too. Then it had expanded to using the building next door to the original! That was even bigger and better… How I have missed that one!

Well now they are all split up. One of the popular ones is now on the top of Regent’s Street (opposite Tesco and Whittards). Piccadilly, I would say is London’s Japan City for me! 😀 You will see a lot of Japanese stores (clothes and hidden food stores in the backstreets).

I find myself always wandering around in Japan Centre because you will find some foods that you can’t find in other places. For example their ‘character breads’ or curry pan (curry bread). There are similar breads in China Town and a bit cheaper but sometimes I cannot escape from the Japanese versions. ^^

Character Bread (this one had a red bean filling)

Curry bread and Custard bread ^^

I also find shopping in Japan Centre a little expensive. I’m sure I can find cheaper ones of the same brand in China Town 😛 … but there are things you can find cheaper in Japan Centre like nori (dried seaweed) or their brand of miso. It’s always good to find the offers too – and they always have them!! Sometimes their snacks are also cheaper too!

Cheap nori and expensive ramen ~~~

Japan Centre’s Mugi Miso

Strawberry and Custard Dorayaki a.k.a Pancakes but with fillings in between!! Yummy!!

Curry Pretz!! Woah!!

The best thing to also try out is their sushi – some are good, some are bad. They’ve recently put a little refrigerator next to the front door with their new range of sushi! I didn’t particularly like the Smoked Salmon Philadelphia one. Cream cheese? Really? (I think the avocado went off too). The Japanese have a strange taste as well… Sausage and mash sushi?? I prefer sausage and mash by itself with ketchup. 😛 And by the way, I never got my free azuki bean mochi. 😦

New range of sushi

Also check out their little food/ snack bar (it’s like a mini noodle bar there) AND their fresh fish / meat section… I love sashimi 😀 (didn’t take pictures of those sections… sorry!!). Plus their small bento range – they used to have loads in the old stores, but there’s been a cut down. 😦

The final part you need to check out are their frozen foods… A particular Japanese favourite are fishcakes which can be found there. If you are looking for the naruto one, they have them too but sometimes they run out of stock (I don’t like the naruto one – it’s really fishy!). Instead, try out the pink (or white) kamaboko (this is a bit sweet and not fishy) or the baked fishcake (this one is fishy). ^^ You should look out for the ice cream too!! ^^

Frozen fishakes

Sliced up fishcake!

In the end of my probably 15 minute shopping spree, I spent over £38! (A couple of the items are not in this post which had added up to the total cost)… *SIGH*. That’s why I only shop there once in a while…

So, using some of the ingredients I bought, here’s a spicy and tasty ramen I made… It was DELICIOUS (but a little salty).

My delicious home-made ramen! ^_^

There are other Japan Centre stores – so definitely check them out. However the one in Acton, you will need to be a member of…  

Website: www.japancentre.com

Address: 14-16 Regent Street, London SW1Y 4PH

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