Wildlife Aid Open Day

It’s not often I go out to the outer skirts of London and into the South West side, well I used to back in the old days when Miss Pinky ventured out into the wilderness during her post-uni days, and also when I went to uni, I went via this way too but only up to Wimbledon, and also when Mrs Travels went off to Guildford University for her masters degree… It’s been a long time…

My friend Miss Goldilocks who volunteers at this place Wildlife Aid, which is situated in Leatherhead, had invited us to go to their open day. I love wildlife, and to get to see what wildlife aid centres do is a treat for me! I had a choice of going to my workplace’s open day or this one, and both happened to be on the same day! I chose this one as it was already in my diary to go… 😛
At the entrance

I went with Mr Games, Miss Pinky and Mr Sensible. It was difficult to decide where to meet up, Waterloo or Vauxhall? So in the end I met up with Miss Pinky at Waterloo, and then stopped off at Vauxhall to meet up with the guys. By the way, if you’re travelling with 4 people, it’s cheaper to get a group ticket when you’re travelling on National Rail.

We arrived in Leatherhead after 12pm, and then walked for the next 10-15 minutes up to Randalls Farm. This is the place where they film Wildlife SOS. I haven’t watched that programme for a long time now! Entrance fee was £3. The hospital tour was a few more pounds but we went around by ourselves instead.
Open Day!! 😀
The five of us (from left to right: Me! Bao Bao The Geek, Miss Pinky, Miss Goldilocks, Mr Sensible and Mr Games)… I used PhotoScape for this picture XD

There were a lot of stalls around, lots of raffles and quite a lot people enjoying themselves. Even the guys in these costumes, when it was 27 degrees Celsius, were trying their best by dancing around and being interactive with everyone!

Morris Dancers

We had lunch there… Burger was ok not the greatest, chips were nice and hot!

The commentator for the event teased a lot! The one in the white t-shirt

The fox and the badger dancing away!! 

Got to see a few of the animals, some were in hiding, but the ducks and birds were not afraid of us. They were fluttering about, drinking water and showing off their feathers! Except for the dove who shied away from every moment I was trying to take a picture… 😦

Some birds fluttering about

Ducks resting… probably had too much fun during the day

The Mother Duck is an escape artist, heheh

Young ducklings growing up!

Drink away ducklings!

Ah beautiful… I want a swim too, but probably not in this pond

Cute squirrels just sitting there!!!! Getting to like squirrels again!

The foxes were awfully shy too… see if you can spot the fox in this picture.

Where’s the fox?

I also had a go at archery with Mr Games (watched too much Game of Thrones recently XD) as we were waiting for Miss Goldilocks to finish her round of tours. Sadly I missed the target, which was a balloon, on all three goes, the guy even let me have a fourth go with a lighter arrow for free, and I still missed it!! 😦 Nevermind… I think I need some lessons!!

Mr Games learning to aim(Mr Sensible took this picture!)

That’s me stressing out trying to aim and shoot…!
(Mr Sensible took this picture!)

Lots of people were enjoying this cool mist which they left around in various places… It was definitely needed… Too hot!

Cool mist… A garden spray in sprinkling mode

A couple of children enjoying the cool mist

On our way home, I decided to take a picture of this. Did anyone lose a jumper? Or is this some kind of local joke / mystery?

Whose jumper is this???!!!

I enjoyed my short afternoon out with my friends! And I hope Wildlife Aid have had loads of donations during their open day…!!

To support Wildlife Aid, go to their website and donate. You can even become a member or adopt an animal! http://www.wildlifeaid.org.uk/supporting-wildlife-aid

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