Woo Jung 우정 Korean Restaurant – London St Giles Street (Now in New Oxford Street)

Uh oh, I think I got Miss Pinky addicted to Korean food now. She now wants to try the remaining Korean restaurants on St Giles Street. Uh, didn’t I try to convince Miss Pinky a long time ago? Yes I did, but she thought we were going to eat raw food. That’s Japanese food. And yes Koreans eat raw beef, but that’s different!
So after a small trip to Putney Bridge as it was nice and sunny that day we went to find another restaurant. We at first went to ASSA but it was full, so we had to go to our second option which was Woo Jung 우정. On Google Translator it translates to “friendship”. Wow sounds like a powerful name for a restaurant. A restaurant of friendship. ^_^
Woo Jung 우정 – “Friendship”
As with most restaurants sometimes I already know what I want, but I had a quick look at some of the extra stuff… But finally Miss Pinky and I made our orders…
First came the free side order which is a different type of kimchi, not the matured fermented type but the easily made refrigerated type. This is quite refreshing.
New kimchi
This is the Kimchi Set. I forgot the Korean name of the set, but it consists of the main types of kimchi – cucumber, radish and Chinese cabbage. All of it was so good. The only complaint from Miss Pinky was that the cucumber wasn’t cut properly and she was too lazy to separate it with her spoon and chopsticks!
Kimchi set
This is my rice grain drink. It’s a small can but it was enough for me.
Rice grain drink
Next came Miss Pinky’s usual dish of squid. This was different to next doors Po Chung. The squid had a lot of texture. It was a bigger dish and it seemed to have a lot of vegetables. It was also spicy too!! Yummy stuff!!
Spicy Squid
Again Miss Pinky had a bibimbap, I think she had pork in it, she made a small complaint about this one too… The meat pieces were too big and she had to cut it up. ¬,¬”” What the heck! Miss Pinky – just eat your food!
Bibimbap again!!
I ordered something completely different. I had the Korean version of Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles). This really tasted different from my own version. It was a lot less salty and I think they may had added more sugar in it. They also added small vegetables such as potatoes and carrots like you would see with katsu curries. It was not a bad meal, but may have preferred for it to be served in a bowl rather than a plate.
The bill 
Total bill came to £34.50. Cheaper than next door!! And we practically ordered the same amount of food!! Obviously there was a 10% service charge. Getting used to all of this service charge…
My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points
– Large plates of food
– Affordable prices
– Almost friendly service… they forgot to say goodbye and thank you to us!!!!
– Nice homely food
Bad points:
– Service charge! … And that’s all I can think of really…
Address: 59 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LH —-> Now moved to New Oxford Street!!!
Telephone: 020 7836 3103
Here’s Putney at one of its finest moments this year…
At Putney Bridge
And I also had two coffees that night in the Elephant and Castle Pub!! I did manage to sleep that night. ^_^
Drinking coffee…

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