Hisar Turkish Restaurant – London East Dulwich

Must get blogging! Loads of posts to catch up with. Lots to share. ¬_¬”” 
This took place around the beginning of February. I completely forgot about this, but I was practically forced to go (basically Mrs Hen and colleagues wanted me to take pictures but wouldn’t say it’s because of that…) I tried to get out of going but they wouldn’t let me go!! ¬_¬”” The whole event was for 2 leaving parties and one 60th Birthday party. 
It’s going to be a fairly short post…
Ordered Mrs Hen a beer… I guess she needed it.

I was trying to be healthy so ordered a mock mojito. Why not?!

Starters came out first, and you often have to remind yourselves not to eat too much before the main dishes come out… So remember to eat less bread and less of everything else!!

There was around 20 of us but I couldn’t take everyone’s pictures, so I took plates of food that I was surrounded with…

This is what I had… Adana Iskendar which is a large lamb kofte which is wrapped in pitta bread and smothered with tomato sauce and yogurt, which came with salad and I asked for mashed potatoes instead of rice or chips. 

It was the most satisfying lamb kofte meal I’ve ever had!!! ^_^ It reminded of lasagne. Had that similar touch to it. Pitta bread acting as the pasta. I don’t think there was any cheese in it. I just want to eat this all over again!!! Where can I find this in the Walworth Road or Elephant & Castle?

We all split the bill… I think it £25 each (I actually told Mrs Hen I had no money just to try and get out of the event, but she said she’ll pay for me… In the end I coughed up my money – I think Mrs Hen was a bit surprised I lied :p sorry Mrs Hen, but I had to).

My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Friendly service
– Large portions of food
– Great place for medium sized parties

Bad points:
– Tight squeeze to fit us all in … we needed an extra table really

Address: 51 Lordship Ln, East Dulwich, London SE22 8EP
Telephone: 020 8299 2948

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