Gourmet Travels in Shenzhen – Day 5 and 6: Egg Cheung Fun and Chinese French Toast

Ah, Story of the Yanxi Palace has captivated me… Procastinating has become a hobby… Currently on Episode 23 (the Cantonese version!). 

Sunday 1st July 2018
This is going to be a somewhat short post. Can’t say I did much on the next day… Although I had to wake up early again. I’m sure Mrs Travels also wanted to sleep, but it didn’t happen. ^_^
This time we went to a cheung fun place on the main road. They also serve porridge and other Chinese breakfast things… Mainly cheung fun.

Mrs Travels and her mother had this pumpkin rice porridge. Wow. I’ve not seen this before. I think the English-Chinese restaurants are quite out of date. They serve too much traditional foods with no twists… Incredible.

I had a hot soya milk with scrambled egg cheung fun. What kind of cheung fun is this?! I’ve not seen this in Hong Kong, and neither in the UK. Mrs Travels looked at me surprised that I haven’t had this before. Maybe I should have had two plates. 😅 This cost around ¥11 (~£1.50). Cheap breakfast!

I don’t think we did much, apart from shopping with Missy S this time. 😆
That evening, we had a lot of food made by Mrs Travels mother… It felt like a feast! I even had fizzy cold apple cider vinegar. I think Miss Vegan would have been jealous of this drink. 😊

That evening the kids were playing quite freely, and I seem to have ended up making these… which then got completely destroyed by the young ones. 😆😆😆

Monday 2nd July 2018

Unfortunately it rained mostly on Monday… 6 hours of rain, so we ended up staying in… 
I really didn’t mind. It was a holiday to forget about work and enjoy being with family and friends. 
But I had this for breakfast. It’s “Jump-a-Jump” 跳一跳. A bit like French toast with cream or custard in each piece of toast. Not bad! 

I forgot, we had another late night snack… mixed foods. A bit spicy, but I liked it!

It’s been a big Chinese food adventure already!

End of Day 5 and 6.

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