Regal Riverside Hotel 麗豪酒店 – Revisited 2021

Last post on Hong Kong. Delayed post because of so much work, so many meetings and so many frigging audits! Plus on the downside, a lot of people catching covid (fully jabbed people)… so having to fill in last minute for certain tasks has not been fun.

Ok… After quarantine, it was straight to another hotel. I was covid-free. Still am! 😆 I always go to Regal Riverside Hotel (when I can). Thankfully, it was near the end of summer, and the prices were going down. Phew!!

On, there was a choice for checking in at 3pm and then checking out at 3pm. I chose this option, because there was nowhere to go after I checked out… Thankfully the staff gave me my room early… I thought there would hardly be any guests, but I guessed wrong. In Hong Kong, people are taking the advantage of staying in hotels… they call it “staycation”. Hm, I wonder if the Brits will adopt this in the UK. Probably not. Hotel prices in the UK are too high… how are they surviving without the rush of travellers is beyond me!

Anyway, my discovery of this hotel was the Laundry Room on the 8th Floor! Wow. How long has that been there? You need to buy the tokens at Main Reception, and each token used can be used for either the washing machine or the dryer. Happy Days!

By the way, the lift access has also changed. You have to tap in inside the lift to actually access it to the other floors… whaaat? That’s so, so new!

Everything else was practically the same in this hotel – with the rooms I mean. Access into and out of the hotel was kind of depressing. The back door does not open, so you have to go in and out from where the vehicles drop off people. And the front door doesn’t open until some unknown time.

You do have to check your temperature you go in, and also use hand santiser…

And that’s the very end of my Hong Kong working-holiday in September! Since I’ve come back from the UK, a lot of my colleagues had decided to go on their mini trips and have flown out of the UK… AMAZING!

Address: 34-36 Tai Chung Kiu Rd, Sha Tin, Hong Kong


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