La Tasca – Maiden Street, Covent Garden

Apparently it’s been a long time since I met up with my friend Miss Money. Well, I last saw her in March, so it’s not that long really! It was my decision to decide where to go to, and so I gave her the choice of what to eat… Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Indian, Italian or Thai… She hates spicy foods unfortunately. 😦 Lots of my close friends don’t seem to like spicy foods!

In the end it was a choice of Japanese or Spanish. We chose Spanish. Miss Money has not had Spanish food before!! And the only place I know of that does Spanish food is La Tasca served by actual Spanish people (there are other places, but I have never been to them). The one near Oxford Street is closed and the one in St Jame’s Street was a bit far from where were meeting up. So we ended up in Covent Garden. It’s not hard to find La Tasca in Maiden Street. When you see TGI Friday’s, then you know you are near it.

From the window we thought there was no one inside, as no one was seated at the window. But as we went in, there is a bigger dining area at the back. (Sorry for the quality of the photos… not great with an LG phone – but I now have a secondhand Samsung SG4 phone which I bought as my previous phone wasn’t insured 😦 … Now I have to start saving big time!). 
At the back of La Tasca in Maiden Street, Covent Garden
I have only been to La Tasca twice, and usually the people I’m with order for the entire table. I think Miss Money wanted to spend less, but eat different things. I couldn’t recommend much except for the seafood paella and the chorizo. So in the end, we had the “Chef’s Recommends”. That meant we would spend £15 each minus drinks.
All the food we had for the “Chef’s Recommends”

My diet coke… Not sure why I pictured this XD
What’s in the Chef’s Special? Quite a variety of things. Anybody who hasn’t had Spanish food I think should have this as it introduces spicy and non-spicy elements of Spanish food…

This dish was a bit spicy for Miss Money, but she ate a lot of  it!
Spicy Roasted Vegetable Cassolo with Almond

These were nice. A very tasty filling, and reminded Miss Money of chicken kievs. 🙂

Croquetas de Pollo

 Miss Money and I thought the burgers were a bit dry… Overcooked?

Home-made beefburgers

 This was good. It didn’t need the sauce. It was salty, tasty and juicy enough. The fish inside was fresh too…

Pescado Blanco Frito

The Pollo Marbella was ok… I liked the chicken, but this is quite a saucy dish, and we could have had some bread to accompany with this.

Pollo Marbella

 I like paella. But this is ridiculous and small for my appetite. 😦 I like loads and loads of paella!! Next time, I’m going to order a big one! 😛

Paella Del Dia

 I liked the patatas. Nice and spicy for me but not for Miss Money.

Patatas Bravas
Miss Money eats slow, really slow, so I had to try and eat slow too, which I got full quite easily… But I had that feeling that I would have wanted a bit more. Like those big paellas! ^_^

In the end, service was ok, not the greatest. We got seated by the door, with tall chairs and by the small steps where you can feel the waiters and waitresses just flying about trying to get to each customer. I have not been to Spain yet, so I don’t know if Spanish restaurants are like this. In the other La Tasca’s I have been to I didn’t get this feeling about the service.

Total cost came to £36 something, including drinks. A little expensive for what we had. 😦

Here’s one of my Instagram pics whilst being at Trafalgar Square… Was catching up with her about work and life…
At Trafalgar Square… This is the column that gets different designs on it every few months…

And here’s our desert at Boba Jam ^_^
Yummy bubble drinks at Boba Jam!
My geeky rating: 3.5/5

Good points:
– Ok choices on the Chef Special, but I needed more, but not Miss Money. She was really full.

Bad points:
– Didn’t entirely like the table we sat at as the food got cold too quickly
– Hasty service – Miss Money was going to tip them, but didn’t in the end!
– Would consider it expensive – anything over £10 even when I’m paying half and the food doesn’t completely fill me I consider it expensive.

Address: 63-66 St Martin’s Ln, London WC2N 4JS
Telephone: 020 7240 2011 

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2 thoughts on “La Tasca – Maiden Street, Covent Garden

  1. I think that La Tasca, or tapas in general, would be a good place to go with a company of 4 or more people. Following the same concept of dim sum, you can order a bigger variety of dishes to sample amongst yourselves, and the cost will be split better as well. I've been to La Tasca once, I quite enjoyed the food, thinking about going back again. My friends and I went during a brunch-y sort of hour, so the place was actually super empty, and we got quite swift service!


  2. Yes that's true, I never thought of it as dim sum really. Just think on this occasion as I was only with one friend I didn't get as much as I had on previous occasions… XD


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