Cuppacha Bubble Tea 喀杯茶 – London China Town

It was a very long Saturday last weekend! Spent a long time with my cousin who was choosing baby clothes for her daughter and friends babies… So after I left her, I decided to have big bubble tea drink at Cuppacha 喀杯茶 (canto: kaa bui cha; mando: ke bei cha) which has opened for a few months now in China Town. I first went there during the Terracotta Film Festival, but lost my pictures and so I couldn’t blog about it then. 😦

Now weeks later, I have come back to enjoy another bubble tea, the same flavour to be exact! This place seems very popular compared to some others that I’ve walked passed. When I went in the previous customers left. I sat there for a few moments and suddenly there was a queue! What the…! For a large cup it costs £3.50. Wow! Compared to other places this is a bargain price with a bigger cup size! XD Not sure how much the smaller cups cost but it’s worth just having the bigger cup.
Queue building up as I left!! Mega busy in this place!!

The counter 

The pearls are very chewy and the tea has the right tea strength for me. It’s not too strong and not too weak… I am sure you will not be disappointed in whatever flavour you get!!!

Cuppacha flavour… normal tea flavour

I think I must come to this place more often to try out the other flavours. The only problem for me is that there’s no visible bin. So you either have to find a bin outside or probably ask the staff to throw the cup away for you! They were too busy for me to ask really…

Not going to rate it… But I’ll be back for more (^_^)v … ah, might as well, 5/5 from The Geek!


AND before I came here, I ate at a place called Fiori that doesn’t sell the best kebabs. This is by Leicester Square Station. It’s popular with the tourists… Always pass it and it’s full of people! (I will blog about another place that does GREAT kebabs later). Here’s our chicken kebab…

Chicken kebab in pita bread

And I tried to take picture of the place which is beside Leicester Square Station, but had “Clapham Tranny” in my picture! Apparently he/she gets about, and doesn’t always stick to Clapham! XD

“Clapham Tranny in front of Leicester Square Station”… Fiori is in front!
Address: 23 Newport Court, London WC2H 7JS
Telephone: 020 7998 0313

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