Castle Turkish Restaurant and BBQ – London Walworth Road

Back to the food…
On the way back from Bath I was thinking really hard about my dinner. I was actually still full from the big lunch I had in Bath, but I still wanted to buy something to eat in case I got hungry later that night. So I chose something local, Castle Turkish Restaurant and BBQ, which opened back in December / January.
There’s already a kebab shop lower down in the Walworth Road, so it’s nice to see another competitor opening up in the area. This restaurant used to be a coffee shop and I think it has changed with ownership over the years, and now it finally became a kebab shop!
Castle Turkish Restaurant and BBQ 
I had a hard time choosing what to eat as there is quite a lot on the menu to choose from, as with most kebab shops. In the end I chose the mixed shish kebab which is £6.50. I wanted to get chips but thought that might have cost a bit more if I chose that too!
Part of the menu
There were already a few customers and the dining area was light… I think because it’s not right in front of a bus stop like the other one is, it’s probably hard to attract as many customers around the area although many people who shop and go into Tesco or the local shops will pass it and look inside…
I chose to have a takeaway as I was tired from the road trip. I think I made a good choice.
Having a takeaway!!
So everything was put into foil containers except the pita bread… This is my salad.
The pita bread is actually massive, I didn’t realise until after I took the picture!!
Large pita bread!
The mixed shish which is consistent of chicken and lamb was put on top of a bed of rice. Unlike The Best Kebab, they would offer either chips or rice with the kebab… I didn’t get that offer here.
Mixed shish on top of rice
Sauce mix of chilli and yogurt sauce
This was a very kebab meal all for £6.50 which is the exact same price as The Best Kebab. There are of course a few differences with the menu items. I found this place quite satisfactory, and was very happy with the large pitta bread which you would only get a smaller one in other shops.
Although I didn’t get a choice of chips or rice, my geeky rating is… 5/5… I was full to the max!
Good points:
– Wide selection on the menu
– Food was really filling
– Food was separated into different containers – which I actually found surprising!
– Friendly staff
Bad points:
– Just not having the choice of rice or chips
Address: 210 Walworth Road, London SE17 1JE
Telephone: 02077016794

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