MCM London Comic Con (May 2016) – London Excel

It’s been a long week of working misery but must cheer up and blog! ^_^
I was forced to go (not really) to this convention with Miss Pinky two weekends ago. So I bought four tickets. Mr Picky was supposed to come along, but unfortunately decided not to go (due to some misunderstandings… let’s not get into that). So Miss Pinky’s friend from her uni days came along and we took along Baby B – her second comic con.
We arrived quite late. It was the last May bank holiday and both Miss Pinky and her friend had slept late. 🙂 The Klingons were already leaving and I kind of made a mistake at stopping at the wrong station… But I was quite happy going the wrong way as we saw a lot of people in their outfits. Some were really amazing. ^_^

It was a very looooong walk to the entrance of the convention. I think Miss Pinky wanted to cry. I wanted to cry because the walk took forever.

Got my Sunday priority band… Baby B would’ve went in for free, but I had the extra ticket, so we used it.

And here we were at MCM London Comic Con.

We went around looking at the stalls but it was kind of like a short stay, I didn’t buy anything…

Tried so hard to resist in buying things… This stall was just the cutest though!

I’ve become obsessed with this new Sanrio character Gudetama. He has replaced Hello Kitty for a little while. I think the Asian world love him because he’s just lazy, and the cartoons they make of Gudetama are just funny. Heheh.

So we saw people signing autographs… You have to pay to get an autograph. 😦 Some were more expensive than others. I didn’t bother paying. I just stood around and taking pics from a long distance. Saving money people.

Here’ Warwick Davis.

Jesse Eisenberg … I think I need to watch some of his films to remember who he is… Sorry.

Well, All of us were standing for a very long time just to get a glimpse of the Big Bang Theory stars Kunal Nayyar. They were at a photo shoot and well, at  least they came back!

And yay! Got a glimpse of the Melissa Raunch. She is a tiny woman!

Seeing The Big Bang Theory cast made my day… Now it was time to head back as we had to get back to Miss Pinky’s friend’s dog who we thought was left alone at home (but wasn’t thankfully). 
Hahahah, Mr Stingy missed out on the original Power Rangers. ^_^

As we left, we realised there was a second section to Comic Con which had a lot more stalls of cuteness… Oh well. I think I’m just going to wait until Hyper Japan is on in July.

By the way we went out the wrong way, so we had to walk all the way back. Exhausted people!

We may have had a short time there, but it was fun. Maybe next time we’ll go early…

Website:  – looks like there’s another one in October!!!!

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