2Cellos Concert – London Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Oh dear we have Theresa May as our PM. ¬_¬” Another Margaret Thatcher? Maybe, maybe not. Margaret Thatcher is actually one of my idols on leadership… but not her priorities though.
Did you know that the 2Cellos came to London? They’ve performed in London many times, but this is the first time I’ve been to see them play!!
I booked my ticket quite late as I thought I would on a holiday with Miss Pinky, but that isn’t happening this summer… Think I should stay home and save lots and lots of money before this government decides to kill the economy. There’s this bad feeling atmosphere around London, majority wanting to stay in the EU, ah well, now we just know our politics is just rubbish.
Didn’t realise that this concert was an open door concert!! I was soooo happy because it was very sunny that day. I think the heavens had opened for me that day. ^_^

My only problem was the seating… I think they should have considered a platform for the people at the back because it was hard to see even with the big screens showing us what was happening.

The Tootsie Rollers were the first to sing. They sang some old numbers buuuut I wasn’t interested in their music.

Next up was this jazz singer AJ…. hmmmm… I think jazz music makes me sleepy… the slow sort…

Taking a random pic of the sunset and the guy setting up the cameras…

And finally, the moment the majority of the crowd was waiting for were the 2Cellos!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwww, I love these guys. And you know what, it didn’t matter if I couldn’t see them up close (because I had my camera) was because their music is “so beautiful” as Hauser kept saying!! LOL!! I’ve been their fan for a few years now. Think it might have been their version of Smooth Criminal that might have caught my attention… that’s a good three years of being their fan! ^_^

The 2Cellos are like a couple of rebel cellists set to rule the modern classics. And I love it!

The clock struck twice. Once at 9pm and once at 10pm. We were all giggling away when the music was playing or about to start. 😀

It was a brilliant evening that night. I got my vitamin D top up, although may have had a little sunburnt face the next day… it was all red and patchy. 
The guys played some great tunes and people just loved it, although some looked a bit stiff with their dancing moves. ¬_¬” (not me of course).
Hope to see these guys again… but maybe in a concert hall. ^_^

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