ASSA よりみち Japanese Restaurant – London St. Giles High Street (Closed)

This is no longer a Japanese restaurant… It’s turned into an extension to its neighbour – Assa Korean restaurant!!
After the pit stop at the Rotherhithe Festival, Miss Pinky and I went towards Tottenham Court Road. I had eaten breakfast at 9am that day, and my friend only had fruit and beer from the festival… so we were both hungry! I indicated to Miss Pinky that there are a couple of Korean restaurants and a Japanese restaurant we could try out… And so we both decided on the Japanese restaurant ASSA よりみち (Yorimichi) as their pictures on the window were so convincing! Next door is the Korean restaurant also called ASSA! The Japanese one is newish (I think it used to be a cafe), and I guess this is owned by the Korean’s next door. There is also a downstairs – but I also guess that opens at night time!
Outside ASSA よりみち
Inside ASSA よりみち
Although there wasn’t a lot of choice on the menu it still took us a few minutes to decide on what to eat because all the dishes sounded so appetising.
The menu cover
In the end we chose the following dishes… 4 starters, and 2 mains… (we were hungry!). The karaage was hard to get through because it was still hot and I couldn’t get the tenticles off!
Karaage – Deep fried octopus
This was the favourite starter, it was sweet and buttery…
Takoyaki – fried octopus balls
Inside a Takoyaki – fried octopus balls – Yummy ^_^ (it was our favourite starter!) 
The croquette was ok… just like a normal croquette…
Korokke – Vegetable Croquette
I think Gordon Ramsey would’ve been proud of these scallops. They were succulent and juicy, not burnt, overcooked or rubbery at all!
Hotate Gai – Scallops – cooked perfectly!
This is Miss Pinky’s dish, the Buta Kimchi Don set which consists of kimchi and stir fried pork, rice, miso soup and pickles. She’s a light eater and this was perfect for her…
Buta Kimchi Don – Kimchi and stir fried pork
This is my meal… Miso Soup followed by Oyako Don, which was absoultely hot and delicious…!
Miso soup
The Oyako Don consists of chicken, egg and rice and I think a soup base (miso)… The chicken was very fresh! Quite delicious! ^_^
Oyako Don – egg, chicken and rice
Since I didn’t spend much at the festival, I was the one who ended up paying! It came up to a reasonable price of £47 (this included a beer and a green tea). Not bad!
My geeky rating: 5/5 – all food was piping hot and delicious – A BIG THUMBS UP!
Good points:
Food was very hot when they were served
Excellent quiet service
Quick service
Favourite starter – the takoyaki ^_^
Bad points:
Slightly cramped seating area on the ground floor (but I guess I’m a bit big – compared to a Japanese person), and the lower ground floor compensates for it.
Geeky information: 
Address: 52 St. Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8LH
Telephone: 020 7240 3490
There’s no website, but as mentioned there aren’t pages and pages of dishes to choose from… Quite simple ^_^

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