Kaosarn Thai Restaurant – London Brixton Village

Apparently I haven’t seen Miss Pinky for a very long time… Really? ¬,¬ I don’t think it’s been THAT long. 2 weeks isn’t long! Anyway, I think she wanted me and Mr Picky to get along after I made a moment at him after a long day at Hyper Japan. Heheheh. I already forgot about that! Let bygones be bygones…

She wanted to go to a market, and so we ended up deciding to going to Brixton. I took my mum along with me since she hasn’t been out that way for a very long time… My mum and I arrived there early. Always on time, so we walked around a bit. And Miss Pinky as usual was late with Mr Picky. 

So this time we walked around looking for food as we were all hungry… (didn’t eat breakfast again!) and we let Mr Picky decide what he wanted to eat first… He wanted a burger from Honest Burgers, but Miss Pinky wanted Thai food (and my mum also wanted Thai food)!!! Opposites attract I guess (I have a massive feeling there’s going to be a lot of this, and a lot of me blogging about it! XD).  Mr Picky went for his burger, Miss Pinky went to get some money, and my mum and I went to get a table at the Thai place, Kaosarn. My mum said to me later – doesn’t that place look like a daai paai dong 大排檔 (a large Chinese food stall where there’s a large seating inside and outside in a crowded but in a slightly not so clean area – basically not a fancy restaurant or cafe where mainly locals serve you). I must agree. Brixton Village is like that but a bit smaller compared to the ones you see in Hong Kong or in Asia.
Outside Kaosarn

Kaosarn from the side

A picture of the menu

My mum and I got a table, and we kept getting asked how many people are coming to sit at our table, I kept saying there’ll be four of us… But in the end we ordered our food and Miss Pinky’s too, I didn’t want them to keep asking us… It was kind of irritating and annoying… 

This is what we had…

I ordered this for my mum, Kuay Tiew Tom Yum Bangkok Style, which is a noodle soup with loads of ingredients in it. My mum said it tasted good, she wanted to drink all of the soup, but didn’t, and it wasn’t too spicy but spicy enough for her. It had a bit of sourness to it that she likes. BUT she said there weren’t enough noodles (ho fun)! She would have liked a bit more noodles for that type of price. Even Tai Tip Mein in Elephant and Castle serves a lot more, she said! ¬,¬”” Woah expert opinion in the house!! Hahahahahah! (I think my opinionated mind comes from her side of the family…).
Kuay Tiew Tom Yum Bangkok Style – I had those two prawns… 🙂

They accidentally gave us this… did I order this? I don’t think I did…

Did not order this!!

I asked for a recommendation for myself, something with rice and something not too spicy since it was already warm outside and I didn’t want to be hot. So the waiter recommended Massaman. I wanted the beef but unfortunately they ran out of beef, and so I had the lamb. It was good. Not spicy at all. Had a salty and sour taste to it. There was a lot of rice given in my plate, and Miss Pinky pointed out that at least they didn’t make the rice look all fancy pancy like they do in most restaurants these days! Heheh. So true! 🙂

Lamb Massaman

Finally Miss Pinky’s Pad Thai with chicken came out when she arrived. She said hers was sweet, and very, very good. She took half of it home to eat later. As always she has a small appetite. She said she liked the tofu in it more than the chicken. That’s strange for her! She doesn’t like tofu as much as I do…!!

Chicken Pad Thai

And then Mr Picky came in with his burger… I think the owners were not too happy, but Miss Pinky asked anyway if it was ok for him to eat his burger there as they were staring… ¬,¬””” Mr Picky didn’t even look shocked, surprised, embarrassed or anything of the sort. He ate his burger there. It looked so raw and he asked it for medium cooked… Yuck.

A medium-rare burger from Honest Burgers… Miss Pinky was trying it out…

Total cost came to £28.20 including 4 drinks (and not including the burger). Not bad but a tad expensive for what we had.

My geeky rating: 4/5

Good points:
– Good food but not enough for my mum and too much for Miss Pinky, and just right for me
– Seating inside and outside
– Good deal of choice, would have went for more but didn’t…

Bad points:
– Although they had a friendly service, they were a little irritating when they kept asking how many people were sitting with us (there were still tables and seats available)
– Slightly on the expensive side for the food we had

Address: Brixton Village Market, Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8PR
Telephone: 020 7095 8922

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