Travelodge – Ramsgate Seafront

This is the third Travelodge I have been to in my lifetime. It was practically the only one I could book as everywhere else was booked up! There were some other places, but they looked dodgy or too far from where we wanted to be…
Travelodge Ramsgate Seafront is about 10 minutes away from the beach, less than a minute away from the high street and I guess it has many advantages compared to other guest houses and inns!
Travelodge Ramsgate Seafront sign

Travelodge on one side

At the front

The room is a bit small compared to the other rooms I have been in. There was one double bed and one sofa bed already made up.

A small family room

Double bed

Coat hangers and towels

Bathroom has a toilet and a bath / shower. (Miss Pinky felt claustrophobic in there!).


Shower head

Windows can’t open, so you’re going to have to bear with it. There’s no air con, but there is a small heater and a flat screen TV is also available.

Flat screen TV, desk and heater… 

The restaurant area is ok. It was quiet at dinner time, and this is the food we had…

Press the button for assistance

Dining area… nice and spacious

Television is available to watch 

The big lights

My lamb shank was a bit bland, but I just added a bit of salt. It was very filling! Mine cost £10.50 in total which included a Pepsi… Miss Pinky and Master H enjoyed their food… I think theirs cost about £15-ish.

Piri Piri Half Roast Chicken

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Lamb Shank

And the desserts were very good! Miss Pinky said hers was too sweet, but it wasn’t that sweet. Master H finished it for her! He ate a lot for a young kid! ^_^

Miss Pinky’s Sticky Toffee Pudding with custard 

Ice Cream for Master H

My Caramel Apple Crumble and custard

All in all it is a good hotel, but it’s unfortunate that they are situated next to a pub that makes a lot of noise during karaoke night… However the drinkers are very good, and the pub closes early. So the best thing to do is stay up until 11 pm before going to sleep!

Breakfast was very busy on the Sunday than usual apparently! And you get to eat as much as you like for £7.65 per person. Children eat for free at breakfast.

I’ll give it a geeky rating of 4/5! Lost a mark for the price and noise levels, plus having to pay for the Internet! Free WIFI needed…
Cost of the room was £81 and I used an Internet voucher for 24 hours which cost £10… Expensive for one night I know!


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