Naked Bike Ride 2015

Warning Note: there are naked pictures in this post… I’ve tried covering up the private bits and pieces to make this a friendly post. ¬,¬”” 
For those who were just going out to see celebrate the Queen’s official birthday today (she was born in April though) may have stumbled across the Naked Bike Ride in the afternoon. The bike ride is a demonstration against car culture and how we’re dependent on oil.
Showing off without clothes has been around for centuries, it’s just that we choose to cover up so I wasn’t surprised at this at all… I just had a clear mind and thought I was watching Game of Thrones live. For some reason I kept smiling! ^_^
After eating a bland broth noodle soup (which I will blog about later) I headed down to Westminster. I saw no naked cyclists until I sat at a bus stop and waited for them to come… I heard a loud jeer and finally saw a lot of nude men and women, mostly men… So if you’re not completely shy, here’s a few pictures of the naked cyclists. Don’t forget I have covered the private bits, don’t want to embarrass the cyclists! Some were clever and covered their faces, wore sunglasses or had paint covered bodies… heheh.

At this point a young girl with her parents said why do they have to be naked to demonstrate…? Well, it’s to demonstrate ~~~ I don’t know why really…!

The photographers trying to get their shot for the papers etc, etc… so funny seeing them like this!

From here I could see the people in the car trying not to look… well the men in particular… ^_^

I followed the cyclists up to the end of Westminster Bridge and around the corner which blocked the traffic and created a bit of hassle from the drivers. Beep beep they go.

From this point I decided to leave because I wanted to head the other way into Waterloo.
It was an enjoyable afternoon seeing something different happening in London. These peeps of course are very brave to demonstrate about cars and oil dependency! Thankfully I’m happy I didn’t see any people I know joining in… It would have been quire an embarrassing moment for me seeing them naked!! ¬,¬””
p.s. it is legal to walk around naked in England – but please, I beg of you, don’t do it! Save it for the beach, your home and demonstrations. ^_^
p.p.s. it only happens once a year, so this will be the first and last I see of this demonstration. Maybe.

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