Taro Japanese Restaurant – London Old Compton Street

Miss Money was insistent that we meet up during my week off! I had already planned some days out with  Miss Pinky and so a couple of days ago was my only free time (kind of).
I met her during her lunch hour and after I had done some shopping around. I think I’m a quick shopper since I know what I want most of the time (but can become really indecisive when there’s too much choice!). Miss Money said we should go to a place where they do lunch time offers and so we ended up in Taro on Old Compton Street (I’m not sure why I keep ending up on this street!!). I actually wanted to try out this place anyway… Good choice Miss Money!

We took a moment to decide… not that long. Miss Money thought they were hiding the lunch box menu from us. ¬_¬”” So this is what we had…
Miss Money had the Chicken Teriyaki bento box which came with a bowl of miso soup. The chicken was a little sweet but a bit dry. Tofu was nice, and the edameme beans were ok (she made me eat some).

I ordered this tempura california roll… I wanted sushi, and I wanted a fattening one! This is awesome. I think I could have had another one of these that day. Hehehe. It had a brown sauce (not sure what it was) that tasted well with the sushi. Battered sushi is the best! Where else in London do they make this? I can’t remember the price of this, but I think it was around £7-£8 for 8 pieces. Warmed up sushi is the best!

I wanted to try out their tonkatsu ramen too… Hmmmm… it’s not as nice as Bone Daddies or Kanada-ya’s… soup was creamy but not very creamy – disappointed :(. Egg was overcooked. But the best part were the chashu pieces. They were nice and thick… it reminded me of the chashu pieces in Tokyo. Yum, yum, yum…
As you can see I was eating the sushi fairly quickly. Hehehehe.
Greedy Geek eating all the sushi XD

Total came to £24.30. I think that included the two glasses of water. Not bad but still expensive.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points: 
– Polite service
– Spacious seating
– Tempura sushi is ultimately the best!

Bad points:
– Disappointed with the tonkatsu soup
– Not the cheapest but reasonable
– We think the food took a little long to come out (it might have been the sushi’s fault ¬_¬”)

Address: 10 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4TF
Tel: 020 7439 2275

Website: http://tarorestaurants.co.uk/

Well… that was not the end of my afternoon. Whilst Miss Money went back to work I went to Shibuya Soho (post updated) and had an Americano and Strawberry Bing… ^_^ I couldn’t help myself!!!
Strawberry Bing at Shibuya Soho

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