Lost in Tokyo, Japan 2014: Day 14 – The end of our (almost perfect) journey

Friday 14th November

The final day started really early. Miss Pinky seemed to have given me less than an hour to get ready. (I usually need an hour Miss Pinky!!). And yes I was grumpy! 😦
We checked out and made our way to the metro. We took the lift from Kayabachō, to the Tozai line and changed at Nihombashi for the express line to Narita Airport Terminal 2. Our train came on the dot at 6.32 am and it took us an hour to get there.
On the train journey we saw an old man and I think his son eat their breakfast on the train so I did the same. (We’ve realised from the two weeks that we’ve been in Japan that lots of Japanese people do break their own rules in public!). I had bought these sandwiches from a mini shop the night before…

The first one I had was a chocolate wafer one. It tasted nomilicious (or tabelicious 食べ-licious).

Chocolate wafer sandwich
The next one was probably something like a bacon katsu of some sort. It smelled a bit and it was salty. I think the people on the train were not appreciative.
Some sort of salty bacon flavoured sandwich
I liked the chocolate one. Despite my efforts not to eat on the train I couldn’t resist even when I was stared at by a guy who seemed to respect authority in Japan and didn’t like those who broke the rules. (I have a feeling he was social networking his tantrum… whoopsie!!) Sumimasen!! Even foreigners can break some basic rules right??? ¬_¬”””
On the train journey… the morning sun was bright
We finally got to Narita Airport Terminal 2. Easy journey! But the only thing now was to wait for the check in kiosks to open which took a little while longer. Miss Pinky was of course overweight, her baggage I mean, not her body mass, heheh (sorry had to pull that joke!). When we asked how much it would be to pay for the excess baggage the person at the counter said 71,000 yen. Whaaaaat?! Isn’t that too much, but when she calculated it as £39 I thought she must’ve said something wrong, because in fact Miss Pinky actually paid 7100 yen!
During that time Miss Pinky had to get her lighters out, as only 1 lighter is allowed per person on a BA flight, and only as hand luggage. Bah humbug. (And no Miss Pinky, the woman at the BA desk is not my friend!).
Eventually we passed security and another passport check. It was now time to shop with our excess money… There are not many shops in the airport so don’t expect to be buying much unless you want designer stuff. Nope, not me! So I ended up with more money than I had actually wanted/needed.
Finally we got onto our flight. It was a semi full flight, and unfortunately I had someone sit next to me. 😦
Our BA flight is waiting
Lunch on the plane consisted of pasta and meatballs (we didn’t have a choice really as everyone took the other option). The pasta was undercooked and burnt, and the meatballs were overcooked. The potato and ham salad was ok. The dessert was nice and sweet but the crust was hard and very hard to cut through. Are we paying peanuts for flight food? Not sure about that.
After dinner Miss Pinky decided to move seats because she wanted space. At this point, I got the window seat and I got to blog in peace. Yahahahaha. But I think she may have been pleased to have moved because the children in front just kept arguing and fighting. Lucky cow.
Flying over the Russian mountains

After many hours and I think I managed a 30 to 45 minute nap which made me become alive again, and once again after eating hard rock ice cream, we had lunch. This consisted of macaroni cheese. I didn’t want the shrimp and rice, I always eat that at home. The food was ok but the tray looked bland and I think it could’ve included some fruit.

We thankfully landed on time and I think this was a very smooth flight. Landing was perfect, I didn’t feel the wheels hit the ground!
Over England somewhere

Frost on the plane windows

After passing security and collecting our luggage we went home by tube up to Holborn and made our way back by bus, Miss Pinky unfortunately had to wait longer for her bus which took forever. 😦

Our trip to Japan was great! Miss Pinky enjoyed it but not to the full max. Food, language and too much walking were her main problems… plus the staring business… not likey… On a good note, I ENJOYED everything I came across in Japan and would love to go again!! Probably with someone who would really want to go!! Maybe I should go with Mr Bear next time. What do you think?
Watch out for the chocolate and sweet posts starting in January 2015!!

End of Day 14 and our Japan trip.

Next trip: March 2015 – we’re heading to the Americas!!! (It’s all booked, and this next trip will include Mr Picky – Miss Pinky’s other half). Can you guess where we’re going? (Actually I’m going away in February… a last minute decision!).

The hotel: http://asimplegeekylife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/smile-hotel-nihombashi-tokyo-japan-top.html

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