Wing Yip Supermarket Cricklewood, Edgware Road

This is not a Christmas post but I’m becoming bored of adverts at the moment, so a change for a small time being before the ads start charging back in.
I’ve been to the Wing Yip in Purley but I think it was about time I went to their other store in another part of London. So I went with MummyGeek going from mid-south to the north. 
Google Maps suggested we take this route from Kennington Station to Waterloo Station then change for the Jubilee Line up to Willesden Green, then finally catch the 266 bus, count 8 stops and get off at Humber Road. That was actually an easy route. It just took about over an hour to get there.
You can’t really miss this place as there’s a big pagoda right at the front of the street.
Wing Yip Cricklewood, Edgware Road
Massive pagoda

So MummyGeek and I went around. Be careful of the traffic as there’s a parking lot outside and one on the side of the supermarket section.

Be careful of the parking lot!

This Wing Yip is probably one of the busiest, busier than the Purley based one! Many people go just to yum cha or stocking up for their restaurants. It’s just busy. 
Santa and his pumpkin (which will turn into reindeer at night – joking!)

Items are definitely cheaper there than in China Town, but I do prefer China Town as it’s more convenient, more restaurants and more choice really.


An easy way of making loads of bubble tea

If you’re lucky you might be able to try out food. MummyGeek and I were quite lucky to try out some dumplings and we got packets as it was buy 3 bags and get 1 free, all different flavours of course. My brother Mr Stingy went there the next day and he didn’t get to try out any food. Heheheh ^_^.

Food tasting ^_____________^

Within the supermarket there is also a cute store called Fortune Stars 星城工藝, but this one is not as big as the one in Purley Way and it doesn’t have many things that I liked. 

Cute Store – Fortune Stars

Next door there is an electrical store, so for restaurants and those looking for good cookers, it’s a place to look into.

Electrical appliances store – more cookware

I didn’t get to see the bakery – probably hidden away near the restaurants…!

The pagoda area is I believe the businesses like travel agencies etc., but they were closed on the day we went. It was a Sunday we went!
Massive pagoda!!

On returning we went a different route. We took the number 32 bus to Edgware (I didn’t realise it’s so far from Wing Yip!) and then we took the tube back to Kennington. Such a long journey back, but worth it. ^_^

Buses to get to the store

Between both stores, Mr Stingy and I vote for Wing Yip in Purley as the best out of the two. Mr Stingy said people in the Croydon area are friendlier. I vote for the Purley store because their cute store is bigger! ¬,¬”

Address: 395 Edgware Rd, Cricklewood, London NW2 6LN

Nearest Tube stations: Brent Cross, Willesden Green and Edgware
Buses: 32, 266, 632 and N16

Website 1: – for online shopping
Website 2: – for more info

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