National Gallery – London Trafalgar Square

You know what? This is the first time I’ve ever been in the National Gallery. Yeah the one located in Trafalgar Square. I have passed it so many times and never went inside. ¬,¬” I think I am now a true Londoner. 😉
Miss Money was scheduling a late birthday meetup with Mr Games and I, and Mr Sensible tagged along with us too…
It was decided we would meet at 12pm in Trafalgar Square, but no doubt there was a protest and some traffic diversion along the way. ¬,¬” Always a protest!! This one was about stopping child abuse!

Back to the National Gallery… Well it’s been there since 1824 and has been a gallery for old paintings for less than 200 years (just another 9 years to go)!

We entered the gallery and made our way to each area… I took some pictures of paintings that I found interesting…

I had to take some pictures of paintings of food. ^_^

Here’s an unfinished painting by Michelangelo. Stunning!

This one looked awesome in the gallery because it looks like her arm was in 3D.

I realised that Miss Money (and I think Mr Games too) don’t have much interest in paintings in which I kind of explained William Turner’s paintings with his stormy effects and Van Gogh’s brush works on the sunflowers and the experimentation of a 3D chair. ¬,¬ Why didn’t I become an artist? (Technically I’m a 3D Origami artist, heheh).

I took this picture in case Miss Pinky was craving for a beer and reading this post… Because I know she is or will be after her pregnancy… (I’m a evil geek!).

Can you spot a mischievous cat?

We were trying to figure out whether this horse is a real-life size… Is it?

Gallery looks amazing from one end of the room!

This painting reminded Miss Money of Dan Brown’s Angel’s and Demons book… It reminded me of The Da Vinci Code!

This picture is just awesome! It’s capturing two separate events in two separate rooms. Cool stuff.

A William Turner painting. He is a weather of emotions.

I think we were in there for about an hour… it’s a nice gallery!
A view of Nelson’s Column from the National Gallery

Address: Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN
Admission: Free

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