Chocolate, Drinks and Department Store Christmas Adverts

Going to write about these Christmas adverts really quickly!!

Intu – Come and Play this Christmas

Would you let your child go around a shopping centre, shop and dress like an adult? Intu would… Intu by the way is popular on the outskirts of London (that’s why I’ve never heard of them).

Anchor Butter – Little Elephant

Lol!! Every parent’s nightmare is a squeezable elephant that makes an elephant sound… terrifies them to the point when they have to have Anchor Butter down them. Don’t you worry, I won’t do that to Miss Pinky and Mr Picky with my goddaughter… ¬_¬” (yeah right, of course I will!!)

Debenhams – #foundit
😦 Ugh, don’t like this advert… so you’ve found the present in Debenhams and have to explain why you think you found the perfect gift… hmm

Cadbury Christmas
Cadbury are on a mission this year. To serve the nation with Cadbury advent calendars!

Boots – #DiscoverMore
Very different to the usual Boots ads, but this time it features more and more of the products they sell in store… quite a casual advert. Not that exciting.

Argos – Just Can’t Wait
Woah, Argos have spent some money this year for this advert! Fast paced skiers, people on those snow vehicles, bouncy balls with minions inside… By the way, it doesn’t take 60 seconds to collect and item… it takes FOREVER!! Believe, I’ve been there and done it in half an hour.

Coca Cola – Taste Christmas with Coke
Ok, I actually like this advert… probably not the best advert I’ve seen but Coca Cola have been around for many, many years… and everyone just loves Cola!!


Featuring Myleene Klass once again who plays the piano in a slow paced song… gift miraculously appear under the trees or rooms of people… it doesn’t appeal to me. Boring!

TK Maxx – Love Your Neighbour

Well, well, well, TKMaxx got this one right. Love Your Neighbour!! Buy gifts for them ^_^ … neighbours in my neighborhood, please buy gifts for me. :p

House of Fraser – #YourRules

OMG. Overdramatised much!! This features Grace and G-Eazy (who are they exactly??? I’m out of touch with the new pop world of young folk singers). Lots of dancing, sadish song, and lots of drama… but the great thing about this advert is that they featured a lot of their clothing, accessories, furniture-ware and other stuff. 

Harrods – Once upon a Christmas

Here we go again with another advert of mice Peter Pumpernickel and his friend Poppy Peashoot. Sadly there’s no narrating in this ad, which would have made this a better advert, so you just have to follow the storyline of the two mice who jump into the dance to make Santa all happy.

Mulberry – #MulberryMiracle

And to end this post is an advert from Mulberry. What blasphemy is this! Imposing a red Mulberry bag as Jesus… hmmm… It made me laugh, but I’m not sure if it made the rest of the world laugh… ¬_¬”

Ah, can’t wait to get onto the International ads!!!

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