China Town’s Fourth Gate @ London Wardour Street

Hmmm, where was I when this new gate appeared in China Town? At work struggling of course!

This is the fourth gate in China Town and it’s placed in Wardour Street. It’s astounding! Never would have thought this gate would have been added to China Town. Maybe they should add one at every entrance. >_<"

This says 英倫呈祥 (Canto: ying leun ching cheung; Mando: Yīnglún chéng xiáng) meaning “England Phoenix” as translated on Google.

I think these are the sponsors of this gate…

This is the other side.

And this says 中國太平 (Canto: jung gwok taai ping; Mando: zhōngguó tàipíng) meaning “Peace in China”. Google translator translates it to something else. 太平 = peace and tranquility.

For more info on this gate, go to this website:

p.s. don’t forget it’s almost Chinese New Year!!!

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