Abeno – Christmas Special 2019

Sorry peeps. One more Christmas post just before the year ends. I actually haven’t had the time this year to view any Christmas adverts.

This year as you know has been a bit wild and hectic, continuous Brexit fears, a pointless General Election, people go on protests and riots around the world, and me just being all over the place (I really needed all those breaks). Anyway, due to all those hectic things in life, I didn’t have a chance to go to any work parties this year. (More like I wasn’t invited to most of them, and there were a couple I just couldn’t go to but one of them got cancelled anyway). Boohoo.

So this year, I’ve ended up having my X’mas Dinner with the old gang of four. Miss Money, Mr Games and Mr Sensible. It was actually being with these three people than my gossipy work colleagues. Hahahahah!

I decided to have the Christmas-yaki since I wouldn’t be eating any other Christmas dinners. The Christmas-yaki consisted of turkey, stilton cheese, topped with brussel sprouts, cranberries and chestnuts. Interesting combo. I was quite hungry, as I kept eyeing it being made in front of me… Mr Games was probably smirking at me in the background because I wasn’t listening to him. Hah!


It had quite a savoury taste. Not sure about adding the cranberry sauce was going to make it great. But the okonomiyaki sauce sauce did it’s job to make it taste good.

Here’s all four of our okonomiyakis! Mr Sensible had his cooked elsewhere due to prawn allergies. Silly Miss Money ordered an okonomyaki with prawns…

Here’s again to another year of surprises, travelling and Brexit. Boooooo!!

Happy New Year Geeks!!! ^_^

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