Baileys Christmas Nutcracker 2013

It may be midnight in Hong Kong but it’s sure early in the UK. Still having a great time but still have more places to visit and things to do!! Here’s another pre-prepared post I wrote earlier…

I applaud Baileys with this advert! What a nutcracker this is!! ^_^”” LOL (I’m laughing at my own joke).

Well it definitely is a nutcracker. I really love it. Not only because I like ballet, but I really think it’s cool for a Christmas advert. 
Clara who is the main female character enters the party room and is served with a glass of Baileys. She then sees the Nutcracker and both of them start dancing. The Mouse King sees them and is jealous of their passion, so he starts a fight. The Nutcracker and The Mouse King are battling it out, but it’s Clara’s kick that beats The Mouse King… Baileys is then re-featured at the end of the advert…
There are not many references to the Baileys drink in the main plot, but you do see people holding their drinks in the advert.
I’m a Baileys fan, so yipee for this advert!! ^_^

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