Supermarket Christmas Adverts 2013

And the other supermarkets have also released their Christmas adverts in the pursuit of attracting more customers!
I’m going to first start off with Aldi’s Christmas TV advert – Like Christmas With Aldi. It’s probably one of the best short adverts I have seen so far! It’s rather basic and shows a few seconds of children and adults indicating what they food like for Christmas… At the very end, which makes me giggle, is when Santa makes a wish -“I’d like a holiday in Barbados”… Wouldn’t we all!! Nice advert Aldi!!
This next one is from Tesco. ¬,¬ Whose bright idea was this to last for 1 minute and 30 seconds of boredom. The first time I went saw this I actually skipped towards the end to see if it was definitely from Tesco… Yep it is. This advert is an entire clip of small video clips of a family during their times during Christmas. So what could have been brought from Tesco in this clip? The food? The drinks? The happy times? I have no idea.

The Geek is going to be mean here and say it’s not the best Christmas advert of 2013… 

I love this one from Morrison’s. You can see they made the absolute Christmas effort to produce a very good advert! Showing off food… bring on the gingerbread man animation, bring on the singing and bring on Ant and Dec!! Morrison’s gingerbread man sings an altered version of the song Be Our Guest. They have emphasised a lot of food in the song. I actually love it and brings out the festivity of Christmas! 
Well done Morrison’s!!
This next one is from the Cooperative – Here For You For Life. I can say they made a better effort than some other supermarkets. Quite a simple advert of a lady who shops then goes home and has a party using food from the Co-op. Nice simple advert. Well done!
I’m unable to show ASDA’s advert on here, but here’s the link…
It is one of the most ridiculous adverts I have seen in my life… The scarves can easily indicate which stores it is trying to compare themselves with! Geez… if only I could tell off their advertising department… well I am on this blog… All ASDA care about is price comparison… where is there Christmas spirit?!!!!
The Sainsbury’s one is not out yet, but I hope to see it soon!

Waitrose have made a couple… so I might wait for several more to come out before reviewing!

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